About Tango Management System

Do you want to save time? Money? We have the solution. Tango BMS is a user-friendly, web based system (SaaS) that allows you and your staff to access your business tools via a secure connection to the internet as opposed to requiring network access from your office computer.

Tango MS is a scalable system that can be customized for your business' needs. Tango offers the ability to grow to meet all of the requirements of your business and both, centralize and simplify the functionality of multiple software solutions that you currently use. Saving you money and time!

Centralize & Simplify
Your Internal Processes

  • Web based system that grows with your business
  • Easy data migration to the new platform
  • Mobile and Tablet friendly
  • Customized functionality to meet your needs
  • System training provided
  • Maintenance & support packages available
  • Full system demo available upon request
  • Your current company data

Boardroom Bookings

A great way to easily manage board room bookings in your office. Set up your meeting rooms in the administrative console. Staff members can request a room, tech requirements, etc. quickly and easily in their admistrative console. All meetings will appear in the internal calendar of events with full information.

Vacation & Sick Time

A great way to maintain and manage staff sick time and vacation time. Staff members must submit vacation requests that will need to be approved by their manager. Administrator will need to maintain inidividual sick time and submit the forms. Sick time and vacation time can be monitored by the administrator and all staff members can view available vacation time and used sick time in their employee administrative console.


Staff can manage their weekly or monthly timesheets easily in their administration area. Timesheets can be submitted on a weekly or monthly basis. Manager's would receive notifications when timesheet is submitted and would need to approve timesheets before being sent to the next level.

Expense Forms

Tired of filling out the paper form at the end of the month and going through the manual submission process. Now you can keep track of your expenses through the month, upload your receipts and sumbit to your manager and/or the finance person in your organization!

Mileage Forms

Throw away the old paper forms. Now staff members can submit their mileage forms on-line with ease! All forms will be directed to the appropriate staff within the business (manager, finance). Staff can upload receipts and maintain their mileage forms for the month.

Events Calendar

The events calendar will appear on the front of every staff members dashboard. Administrators can easily add new events to the system. Events can be allocated to either the public calendar, internal calendar or both. The administrator can also create event types (fundraiser, meeting, conference) and these event types can be filtered within the calendar.

News & Updates

News is a great feature that the administrator can use to update staff on important business news, upcoming events, meetings, etc. News items will appear in the staff members dashboard, as well a notification will be sent out to all employees via email to alert them of recent news items added by the administrator!

Staff Profiles

Add and manage all of your staff profiles quickly and easily. Upload photos and add staff bios. Manage Lieu time, vacation hours and sick time. Manage roles, hire date, full contact information and more!

Staff Resources

Create an on-line resource library for your staff with everything from Meeting Minutes to Staff Policies and Procedures. Upload PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos and more. Create categories to organize your files. A great way to organize your business and aggregate all of the essential documents for your staff!

Donation Management

Project Management

Easy-to-use tools to help you manage your projects efficiently

  • Create and manage your client database
  • Add projects with team members, timelines, milestones, and more
  • Create agreements (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Create and manage your invoicing
  • Full reporting functionality
  • Integrates with Quick Books

Up to 4 employees, $1.50/month per additional staff.


Business Management

Tango makes managing your business quick and easy

  • Manage staff member's profiles
  • Manage staff vacation requests, sick days, lieu time and more
  • Staff can submit mileage forms and expense forms
  • Manage meeting room and board room bookings
  • Includes all functionality in the project management package

Up to 4 employees, $1.50/month per additional staff.


Event Management

The Event Management module is an add-on feature that allows you to manage conferences/events and donations.

  • Manage list of clients per event
  • Track ticket sales for your events
  • Print up tax receipts for any tickets or auctions
  • Reports for people who attended, as well as revenue and expense reports
  • Link ticket sales to auction winnings for ease of tracking



We are looking for business owners who would like to take our new Tango Business Management System for a test drive. If you like what you see you'll receive Tango FREE for 6 MONTHS! Simply fill out the form and a Tango Team Member will get you a set of keys!


Event Management System
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